Sharing personal experiences and trauma through creative writing to motivate others to share their stories



I was born a writer. As a child, I wrote stories about fairies and mermaids. As a teenager, I wrote poetry. My style of writing and my writing content have adapted to every phase of my life. At some point in my life I realized I express myself best in writing. When it was hard for me voice my feelings, I wrote them down. Writing my thoughts down on paper was liberating and powerful. After my brother died from an overdose in 2018, I began to write as form of healing. This blog is designed to share those writings with you. I hope that people who have also lost a loved one to the opioid epidemic can find solace in the fact that they are not alone. I hope that maybe it encourages those people to share their stories as well. I believe the only way to erase the stigmas tied to addiction and mental illness is to share our stories. The more we talk, the closer we get to erasing the stigmas and those who need help will no longer be afraid to reach out.



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